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2-Channel Line Converter Lc2i

2-Channel Line Converter Lc2i

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It incorporates AccuBASS technology and has a dedicated subwoofer control, so you can easily modify your sound system s low-frequency output. Easy to install, this LC2i line-output converter processes two 400W-maximum channels and works with a variety of external amplifiers. Designed for most vehicles with factory-installed audio systems Allows you to keep factory radio set-up and dramatically improve and upgrade system performance. Two-channel design Fits your existing vehicle audio system, and accepts up to 400 watts of power per channel. AccuBASS circuitry Maintains and restores the Bass as the volume is turned up, improving the audio performance. GTO (Great Turn-On) circuit Powers up the unit when it detects signal on the speaker level input. 10Hz – 100kHz frequency response Ensures faithful sound reproduction. Built-in subwoofer control Allows you to control bass level. Screw-type speaker-level inputs and RCA audio outputs Offer flexible integration into your system. Compact chassis Allows an easy and flexible factory system upgrade in today s space-constrained vehicles.

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