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28 In. Portable Steel Fire Pit

28 In. Portable Steel Fire Pit

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Ultimate in convenience, you may roll the Portable Steel Fire Pit right up to your wood pile, fill it, latch the screen door shut, and roll it back to the seating area where guests await. Your family will enjoy basking in the warm wood fire in your own backyard. The removable lid offers easy access to place your wood logs in the fire bowl. The screened surround has a latched door that opens to gently toast marshmallows or spicy sausages. Designed specifically for wood burning, this fire pit will create a welcome haven for the kids charades on colder nights, or perhaps brisk mornings enjoying the quiet and peace of greeting the sunrise with your toasty coffee in hand. Get your 28 in. fire pit today. Top lid opens so you can easily add more wood. Features two wooden handles and rolling wheels for easy transportation. Designed specifically for burning wood. Available in a versatile black steel color. Fire pit comes with a log rack and poker to stoke your wood fire. Measures 30 in. x 28 in. x 43.9 in. and weighs 23.76 lbs. For added longevity please store in your shed or garage during the harshest of winter weather. It is not safe to roll this fire pit while a fire is burning inside. Rolls easily to the conversation group, and it is effortless moves when the fire is extinguished. Enjoy the convenience of a mobile fire pit. Portable wood burning steel fire pit will be a handy mobile warmth creator for many seasons.

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