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2847 Flashpaq Programmer

2847 Flashpaq Programmer

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The fifth generation, F5 platform is a complete redesign, from the ground up, of our industry-leading Flashpaq and Flashcal product lines. The new F5 is slim, sleek, and jam-packed with new features and advancements. has been a leader for years in the handheld diesel and gas pickup truck market! The new Flashpaq F5 for truck brings all the crowd-favourite features into a whole new generation of products. Our new update software will deliver updates smoother and faster to enable users to enjoy their products without the hassle of long update times. Experience the all-new Flashpaq F5 today! The ultimate driving experience for trucks is now available with the Flashpaq. Designed to deliver extraordinary horsepower and torque, paired with a variety of user-controlled options Flashpaq is a state of the art tuning device. Configure your truck today and review all of the power gains and features available for your specific application. Equipped With Industry Leading Performance, economy And Tow Tuning *Features may vary based on year, make, & model.

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