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28481e Simple Spa 77in X 26in Inflatable Hot Tub With Filter Pump & Cover

28481e Simple Spa 77in X 26in Inflatable Hot Tub With Filter Pump & Cover

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Traditional hot tubs are large, messy, and expensive, making for a massive commitment. The inflatable spa makes owning a hot tub simple and easy, letting you enjoy a warm soak without the hassle of a permanent hot tub. What sets the Simple Spa Inflatable Hot Tub apart is its versatility. Whether you crave a solo escape after a long day or wish to share the experience with friends and family, this four-person hot tub accommodates your desires. All the ideal features of a hot tub are included, from the 100 powerful bubble jets that offer a refreshing massage to the adjustable heating system that ensures you can relax at your ideal temperature. Mesh construction holds firm all season long, and the thermal ground cloth ensures the temperature of the yard doesn t interfere with the water. The included insulated gray cover safeguards your hot tub and ensures it s always ready for your next soak. Maintenance is a breeze with the all-inclusive system comprising the heater, filter, blower, and essential accessories like filter cartridges, inflation hose, carry bag, and a floating chlorine dispenser. With the easy-to-replace filter cartridge and easy button controls, enjoying and maintaining the spa has never been simpler. Pamper yourself with the Simple Spa Inflatable 4-Person Hot Tub Spa, where serenity meets simplicity.

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