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2tb Rugged Secure Usb-C Portable Hard Drive

2tb Rugged Secure Usb-C Portable Hard Drive

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Pros Trust the Rugged Family Since 2005, Rugged portable drives have thrived where only the toughest survive — the film sets, photo shoots, and music studios of the worlds most influential creative pros. Why? Because Rugged products are the industrys most trusted way to capture and transport data in the field. Rugged Drives for All-Terrain Reliability Creative pros have been depending on Rugged drives for over a decade because they are the most reliable way to transport and capture data in the field. With resistance to drops, crush, rain and unauthorised access, the Rugged Secure All-Terrain Encrypted Storage is tough enough for extreme conditions — from a sudden rainstorm to a crush of suitcases in an aeroplane cargo hold. Mobile Versatility Take the Rugged superpowers youve come to rely on and add the self-encrypting magic of Seagate Secure technology. What you get is a drive thats impenetrable — even when its removed from its enclosure. Rugged Secure allows you to transfer and transport your sensitive data with no concerns for unauthorised access or intellectual property theft. All this on top of universal compatibility with USB-C, USB 3.0, and Thunderbolt 3. Not to mention the rain, drop, and crush resistance and the peace of mind that comes with the 2-year Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Services plan.

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