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30 Qt. Air Fryer Toaster Oven With Dehydration Stainless Steel

30 Qt. Air Fryer Toaster Oven With Dehydration Stainless Steel

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Bake, fry, rotisserie, reheat, dehydrate, grill, and roast your favorite meats, breakfasts, desserts and vegetables faster than ever with the Aria 30Qt Air Fryer Oven! It has all the features to make it your new Go-To Appliance as its Air Frying technology replaces multiple appliances and cooks in less time than traditional ovens, while reducing the fat in your food by up to 90% and eliminating the need for oil. Eliminate the preheat as it heats up to 450 in seconds, while the spacious design with 3 cooking levels allows you to cook food for the entire family or all your guests. It features multiple heating elements for heat from 360 so you can enjoy evenly-cooked, tender, juicy chicken dinners. A clear touchscreen also features 8 cooking presets for foods such as chicken, beef, vegetables, dessert, and more. With the dehydration mode, you can preserve your favorite fruits, vegetables, and meats conveniently at home, using your own ingredients that you trust. The Extended Full-Color Cookbook has exclusive mouth-watering recipes so you can get started right away, curated by the champions of ABC s Family Food Fight! It also features your favorite recipes including Vegan and Keto options from TV-Chef Mario Fabbri! Endless culinary adventures await - with the Aria 30Qt Air Fryer Oven!

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