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300-Ft X 6-Ft Weed Barrier Fabric 2.4oz Premium Gardening Patio/Playset Landscape Fabric | Zzzp6x300ycfcb001v0

300-Ft X 6-Ft Weed Barrier Fabric 2.4oz Premium Gardening Patio/Playset Landscape Fabric | Zzzp6x300ycfcb001v0

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6x300 ft Weed Barrier Tear-proof & Easy to Cut & Weed Protection Our landscape weed barrier fabric, also a geotextile fabric, features premium material and a solid structure to withstand various weather conditions for long-lasting use, effectively inhibit weed or grass growth, and avoid direct sunlight. The weed block fabric is a great helper to thrive your plants and reduce soil erosion. Durable PP Fabric High Permeability Weed Control & Soil Improve Easy Installation Key Features Durable PP Fabric: This 2.4 oz landscape weed barrier fabric measures 6 ft wide and 300 ft long. The heavy duty weed barrier is here to fully cover 1800 sq. ft area, making your life easier and 100% hassle-free. It protects your garden and flower beds from weeds, highly increasing your productivity and efficiency. High Permeability: Our heavy duty weed barrier is designed with excellent permeability. You never need to worry about the water will be puddled on the top of the material. In addition, the sturdy structure of the fabric stops weed or grass from going through, effectively inhibiting weed or grass growth. Weed Control & Soil Improve: This landscape frabric can allow the soil to breathe and keep soil retaining humidity. In addition, the black color has better shading performance, and the material won t cause harm to the earth. Finally, the weed block fabric will provide you with premium weed protection for a long time under various weather conditions. Easy Installation: Our garden cloth weed barrier is effortless to cut and install. It is convenient to DIY the cloth size and shape to meet your different needs. The garden weed cloth also features green stripes for easy plant alignment. (Installation tools are not included.) Wide Application: Durable weed mat fabric will keep annoying weeds away from your garden. The landscape cloth is ideal for garden, agriculture, industrial uses, such as a greenhouse, vegetable patch, flower bed, artificial grass, sidewalk, gravel, driveway, stones, etc. Large Weed Barrier The weed matting for garden measures 6.5x330 ft, large enough to cover 2145 square feet. As a result, you will not worry about your plants being disturbed by pesky weeds. In addition, excellent tear-proof and easily cut performance will provide you with high convenience. Soil-friendly Polypropylene The garden weed barrier is composed of high-quality woven polypropylene fabric, high density in 2.4oz, which is weatherproof, lightweight, and corrosion-proof can last for a long time uses. Excellent Permeability Our weed blocker is designed to let air and water through; thus, it can conserve your soil s humidity, saving your water time but keeping water not being puddled on the top of the fabric. Improve Soil Value The landscaping fabric can maintain the soil humidity and improve the soil temperature, accelerating the decomposition of soil organic matter, stopping weeds from growing, and boosting your plants to multiply. Easy to DIY A legible green line is convenient for you to cut and layout your plants. Just unroll it, cut, and fix it to the desired area. Please secure ground cover weed barrier with staples for a better weed control effect (need to buy separately). Widely Used Our weed control fabric works great as an underlayer for the greenhouse, vegetable patch, ground cover, patio garden, driveway, gravel walkway, road stabilization, drainage installations, rip rap & retaining walls, etc. Specification Material: Polypropylene fabric Size(LxW): 300 x 6 ft Weight: 2.4 oz Density: 12 Package size: 72.8 x 8.3 x 8.3 in Gross weight: 25.8 lbs / 11.7 kg Package Folded Size: 7.1x 7.1x 37.4Note:This product width is packaged in HALF-FOLD and rolled. Package Content 1 x PP Woven Ground Cover

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