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3000is Professional Steam Iron

3000is Professional Steam Iron

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The 3000IS is the perfect entry-level ironing system for those looking for a compact, professional quality product. Using higher grade components including an all stainless steel outer shell, the 3000IS is the perfect choice for those looking for a robust, and simple ironing station package. The 3000IS excels at producing quality, dry, pressurized steam. Pressurized steam is the fastest and most efficient way of ironing. It allows the fibers of the fabric to be softened quicker, with the weight and heat of the iron laying the fibers down flat. This creates the crisp and clean finish required by professionals. Say goodbye to burnt out heating elements. The thermostat reset system is the ultimate protection for your investment, automatically shutting-off the heating element when the water is low. Ironing is much easier when you have lots of steam pressure. The 3000IS will give you consistent volumes of high-pressure steam ensuring a crisp, clean finish to all pressing tasks. The iron is lightweight, comfortable and uses the same standard parts that have made it the #1 choice of professionals. The 3000IS has 4 safety systems including a pressure switch, probe safety thermostat on the heating element, and safety cap with safety valve.

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